Class KK

Class KK have had a busy term so far and are enjoying being ‘Time Travellers’! We have visited Swansea Museum and Theatre Na’nog to learn about the first and second world wars and  have also visited St. Fagans to research ‘changes over time’. In St. Fagans we visited different buildings  from a Celtic Roundhouse to a 1980’s terraced house. Back in our classroom we have spent two weeks completing tasks related to our experiential learning such as using lego to design our own outdoor museum, making our own maps using grid references or coordinates in the first quadrant and designing a leaflet about St. Fagans for younger pupils to read. We have enjoyed our weekly swimming sessions in the Lido in Pontypridd and have also taken part in the service for the launch of the Poppy Appeal…all in a half term! In addition to all this we are developing the Welsh language and ethos across our whole school community …look out for our ‘Criw Cymraeg’; plus an ‘Eco newsletter’ will be sent home shortly to inform you about our eco activities and links with the ‘Pont’ charity.