Class DC Trip to the Fire Station

It has been a very busy start to the new school year for Reception and Year 1! All pupils have settled in really well and are enjoying our topic; People Who Help Us.

As part of our topic, we have been to visit the Fire Station to learn all about Firemen and women and how they help us.

As part of our visit, we listened to a story which taught us all about fire safety, including what we would do if there was a fire.

We also had a tour around the fire station, looking at all of the different fire engines and what is inside them. We learnt all about the special equipment that firemen/women use and even got to sit on the fire engine!

By far our favourite part of the visit was spraying water from the hoses. The firemen showed us how they use the hoses to put out a fire and we all took turns to squirt the water as high as it would go!