Key Stage 2

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 form the junior department of Miskin Primary School. Here, learning becomes more structured and independence is strongly encouraged. The foundations of learning laid in the Foundation Phase are now built upon and developed so that the children begin to apply their knowledge and skills. Our junior pupils follow the Welsh National Curriculum.

Junior pupils have a more structured timetable, where specific time is given to curriculum areas. The children are given opportunities to take on roles in the School Council, Eco Committee and as Digital Leaders. The use of incidental Welsh is developed and bilingualism is supported through daily ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ sessions.

The school has a strong family ethos and the older children are expected to take responsibility for escorting and supporting younger family members and friends in assembly. Junior children are expected to set a good example to the younger children during house events and competitions, including Sports Day, the Eisteddfod and the Remembrance Day service.

The children are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills through taking on house captain, vice-captain and digital leader positions as well as chairing the School and Eco Council meetings. Four children are also selected from Year 6 to be Sports Ambassadors, promoting sport within the school and encouraging children to join in with team games / sports.

Children are given opportunities to develop their creativity and digital skills allowing them to become adaptable and logical problem solvers. The expectation of working collaboratively in small groups is encouraged. The classrooms are bright and vibrant with an atmosphere of support and nurture to prepare the children for their futures, creating lifelong learners.

We have an established relationship with Mountain Ash Comprehensive School and engage fully with the transition process to secondary school as well as providing opportunities for our More Able and Talented pupils, allowing our children to enter the next stage of their education with high self-esteem and confidence.