Foundation Phase

An investigation area provides opportunities for children to explore different textures and experiment with various materials. The sand tray and water trays allow children to experience the properties of these materials and discover the concepts of floating, sinking, burying and many others!

An area for creativity is an important part of the Foundation Phase curriculum. Opportunities for exploring colours, sounds and glitter as well as creating masterpieces to take home and share with their family is an essential part of early development.

Children are encouraged to use incidental welsh throughout all areas of learning but opportunities to develop skills in welsh are also provided through daily ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ sessions.

The Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes make up the Foundation Phase at Miskin Primary school. We provide a safe and stimulating environment where structured play and experiential learning provides opportunities to discover the 7 areas of learning.

The children are encouraged to investigate the world around them and to build the foundations of their learning in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Each classroom has distinct areas so children can explore their learning through various activities and learning opportunities.

The role play area allows children to dress up and explore ‘real life’ situations, enabling them to express themselves and practice new vocabulary.

At Miskin, we have distinct areas for exploring the outdoors. From our enclosed Nursery Playground, where the Nursery children enjoy riding bikes, running about and interacting with new friends to exploring the physical challenges of the big playground equipment with climbing, jumping and sliding being part of the experience. Miskin Primary school has access to a large field area, allotments and small woodland area ideal for exploring nature, building dens and investigating our environment.

Receptions to year 2 parents are requested to hand over their children to their teachers at the beginning of the school day. This encourages a happy, settled start for the children and a quick transfer from home to a school environment.


Nursery parents also have the opportunity to interact with their children within the classroom for 10 minutes prior to the beginning of every school day enabling parents and school to build good relationships and provide opportunities for parents to support their children’s learning.

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