Nursery Autumn Term

A lovely welcome back to everyone after the long summer holiday and a BIG Hello to our new children in the Nursery. Everyone has settled in really well. We are busy getting to know each other, making friends and learning how to share and cooperate. No wonder we are tired when we get home!

This term we are looking and talking about ‘Me and my World’. So far we have done lots of work on ourselves, including drawing pictures, printing with our (kind) hands and feet (not too messy). We have also been learning about our outdoor environment and the changes that happen around us.

We enjoy a variety of things to taste with our milk, including biscuits, fruit and toast. We even bake sometimes. Snack money is 50p per week which you can pay weekly or as a lump sum for the whole half term if you prefer. If you have any queries please speak to a member of the Nursery staff anytime.